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Effective teams hold the

key to business success.

Team Effectiveness

As job descriptions get broader and businesses become more complex, there’s a shift toward more execution through teams. At the same time, reliance on tough-to-manage virtual teams is growing. It’s never been more critical to create effective teams – and it’s never been more challenging.

Putting a group of talented individuals together doesn’t automatically create a high-performing team. Whether you’re building a team from the ground up or want to fine-tune the teams you have in place, you can improve performance with our proven methods.

Take your teams to the next level.

Teams can fail for a number of reasons. It may be that reward systems promote competition over collaboration, or employees lack basic team skills like problem solving, dealing with conflict, and interpersonal communication. Teams may not align with organizational objectives, or leaders do not build cohesive teams.

Our research shows there are both internal and external factors that drive a team to perform as a cohesive unit. The evolution of a team requires key ingredients and ultimately, time and discipline. Using our expertise, experience, and research, we’ve developed tools that transform groups into high performing teams.

We turned teamwork into a science.

Team Architect® is a comprehensive solution that provides the tools you need to build high performing teams and create alignment with team development and strategy.

We help you counteract the causes of failure by making sure your teams have the characteristics of high-performing teams. Your teams will develop: a set of common goals and objectives (“thrust”) and a strong, shared mindset about them; members who trust each other; the collective talent necessary to accomplish the mission of the team; the ability to run themselves effectively and concentrate their efforts on the tasks at hand; team process skills (e.g., emotional competencies, and the ability to hold each other accountable); organizational support in the sense of direction, information, resources, autonomy, feedback, and rewards; and a strong fit between the goals and characteristics of the team and the skills and style of the leader of that team.

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