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Talent is essential to every strategy.

Talent Strategy

What has more impact? The perfect strategy partially implemented, or a solid strategy well executed? Hands down, a well-executed strategy will out-perform a brilliant one collecting dust on a shelf.

Taking a strategy from the board presentation deck and bringing it to life in an organization requires strong leadership as well as a pragmatic approach to execution.

Translate strategy into practice through people.

Start with competency-based talent practices. Identify the mission-critical competencies by role or job families. Then you’ll have the foundation to benchmark your current and future talent for selection, development, and succession planning purposes. It also gives you a common language for your organization’s mission and what is expected of your employees.

Align talent strategically.

If your strategy is transformative — moving into unknown space, geographies, or exploring a completely different trajectory — you will need a rigorous approach to managing your High Potential talent. Learning Agility benchmarks will help identify those able to handle and succeed in unknown and first-time situations.

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect establishes a common competency language helpful in identifying critical skills needed for individual and organizational success. Our research-based competencies will help you develop a competency model that works for your organization.

Learning Agility is a leading predictor of leadership success. It’s more reliable than IQ, EQ, education level, or even leadership competencies. With Learning Agility Architect™, Korn Ferry has changed the identification and development of leaders from guesswork to a sophisticated, quantifiable, accessible applied science.

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