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Build a

Sustainable Leadership Pipeline.

Unlock your High-Potential talent.

To confidently and accurately identify the successful leaders of the future, organizations must have a complete talent picture of the person as a whole – not just a snapshot of his or her job performance today.

At Korn Ferry, we measure potential by looking at the Seven Signposts, those unmistakable markers that identify the most successful leaders. These are: 

  • Learning agility: an ability and willingness to learn from experience and to apply that learning to new and first-time conditions.
  • Formative experiences: the accumulated knowledge that shapes and prepares the individual to be successful in higher-level positions.
  • Self-awareness: the ability to identify personal strengths and weaknesses and how they affect others.
  • Leadership traits: the behaviors that contribute to being a successful leader.
  • Motivation to lead: the drive and desire to be a leader.
  • Logic and reasoning: the cognitive abilities necessary to solve complex problems.
  • Derailment risk: the risk of failure in higher-level positions.

Start by identifying and measuring leadership potential.

The Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential provides organizations with the ability to objectively and accurately identify talent with high leadership potential. This easy-to-use, comprehensive assessment uses research to determine and measure the Seven Signposts of leadership potential.

Then, create specialized development paths.

Korn Ferry Talent Review provides organizations with a strategic, systemic, and deliberate process to identify potential leaders and provide them with the development opportunities they need to succeed.

Learning Agility Architect™ is Korn Ferry’s industry-leading approach to developing learning agility. It accommodates the needs of all organizations, from supplementing existing processes to creating comprehensive development programs.

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ establishes a common research-based competency language to identify critical skills needed for individual and organizational success. 

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