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Better interviews mean better hires.


There seems to be an endless array of interview systems available to organizations today. Are you using one that is research-based, defensible, and aligned to your other talent processes?

We know the recruiting process is complex. We also know that sourcing candidates and tracking their progress through the recruiting process is only part of the equation. Too much focus on tracking and sourcing applicants with too little focus on the actual interviews can lead to costly failed hires.

Make the right people decisions.

Research shows that organizations make better people decisions when they follow this three-level, decision making process:

  • Interview preparations: identifying interview criteria including critical competencies, skills, experience, and perspectives (see Competency Modeling)
  • Structured interviews: asking competency-based, standardized questions, and listening for specific responses
  • Post-interview evaluation: using data-based rigor to compare candidates

Organizations need an interviewing system that's easy to implement, will deliver a consistent and standardized process, and is scalable to all interviewers at all levels.

Korn Ferry Interview Architect: Flexible tools and solutions for competency-based, effective interviews.

Get the tools that provide the confidence that each interviewer has the research-based content and tools they need to select the right candidates.

Korn Ferry Interview Architect™ Interview Guide provides organizations with competency-based tools and solutions needed to improve interviews. This is accomplished by evaluating the targeted competencies organizations need for success in their talent management efforts, identifying the right talent for each position, and demonstrating fairness by using a set of tools designed for defensibility.

Korn Ferry Interview Architect™ Online is a web-based tool that will help standardize interviewing protocol by building structured, behavior-based interview guides. You will be able to select competencies from our Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ competency library.

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