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Successful Strategies depend on

High-Performing Teams.

Team Development

As organizations become more complex, there is increasing need for high-performing teams. More and more teams are being used by a wide range of organizations for various applications, making high-performing teams a true competitive advantage. In today’s corporate environment, teams — not individuals — are the key to business success.

Prepare your teams for success. 

Simply putting a group of talented individuals together does not make a high-performing team. To attain a high level of team performance, you need to know the factors that influence team dynamics, leadership development and effectiveness. Effective teams require an investment of time and effort — using the right tools can help make this investment profitable. Our team solutions are research-based and scientifically validated, so you can trust they will lead your team to success.

Develop your teams with our science.

Team Architect® suite is a comprehensive solution set based on seven factors and 20 dimensions of an organizational team. These seven factors make up our T7 Team Effectiveness Model, which provides you with the framework you need for developing your teams into high-performing teams. This model takes into account both internal and external factors of team effectiveness. Interested?

Take a look at some of our tools that will help you make your teams into successful, high-performing teams:

  • eTeam™ is a web-based survey tool used to assess team skills and effectiveness. A team can assess itself or be assessed by others against the T7 Team Effectiveness Model.
  • FYI for Teams™ is based on research that has identified the key behaviors critical for high-performing teams and includes 200 easy-to-implement development tips for improving team effectiveness.
  • Team Architect® Sort Card Decks help assess inside- and outside-the-team factors that determine team effectiveness. The cards are used as a diagnostic tool to determine the gap between critical team success factors and current team skill levels.
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