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If you don’t develop your future leaders,

someone else will.

Talent Development

Development opportunities are one of the top three drivers to engage and retain top talent. You must provide career and professional development to ensure your talent is prepared for their current and future roles.

Most organizations maintain talent development programs, but are you differentiating your programs and leveraging them to attract — and retain — the best talent?

Korn Ferry takes the unknowns out of talent development.

Talent development is not a mystery. For decades we’ve known which behaviors drive performance, enable us to get work done, and derail us. Defining critical competencies for success gives employees and managers a clear path and a common language for development.

Develop talent and empower your whole organization.

Roles are growing more complex. At the same time, people are being promoted and accelerated through experiences faster. Failure can have far-reaching impacts. Moving up too far, too fast, without preparation, can be devastating. Our talent development programs are critical to both preparing and supporting your talent in a fast-moving, challenging marketplace.

Voices® is a web-enabled, research-based, and time-tested solution for delivering 360 feedback to help career-minded people succeed. Voices® uses our library of Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Competencies and Career Stallers and Stoppers as the foundation for important development plans. Equipped with our best practices, you will be able to facilitate constructive and meaningful feedback for all levels of your organization.

Learning Agility Architect™ is the only leadership development solution that accurately measures and develops Learning Agility in your High Potential talent. Unmatched effectiveness and ease of use has made Learning Agility Architect™ the leadership solution of choice for several Fortune 100 companies and the leading resource of its kind in the market.

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