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Korn Ferry Products bring a uniquely holistic approach to talent management solutions. Our wide range of products and services are research-based, experience-tested, and internationally recognized tools that can be customized to fit any organization’s resources. We strive to constantly adapt to and continually deliver industry-leading tools to help you adjust to ever-changing business challenges.

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Talent Development

Development opportunities are one of the top three drivers of engaging and retaining top talent. The other two? Career support and the nature of the career itself. To maintain talent and avoid retention risk factors, you need to provide avenues for career and professional development. Because if you’re not willing to do it, they’ll find an employer who is.

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Talent Selection

Typical interview practices do not distinguish top performers and frequently result in costly bad hires. Considering the costs associated with a failed hire — up to three times their salary plus benefits — you want final decisions based on more than impressive resumes and positive hunches.

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Talent Strategy

What has more impact? The perfect strategy partially implemented, or a solid strategy well executed? Hands down, a well-executed strategy will out-perform a brilliant one collecting dust on a shelf. Taking a strategy from the board presentation deck and bringing it to life in an organization requires strong leadership as well as a pragmatic approach to execution. But it starts with translating the strategy into people terms.

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